F.W. Bryce has global access to seafood resources through our parent company, Nissui. This includes Five Star® brand Fresh Steelhead from our Global Links Partner, Salmones Antartica. Salmones is located in Chile and has complete vertical integration in the Steelhead farming process. F.W. Bryce is your source for these imports into the United States, currently available in Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

F.W. Bryce also has access to Fresh Kurose Yellowtail through our Asian Products division. This product comes to us through our Global Link's resources and sourced from Japan.

F.W. Bryce has the experience and structure to service you effectively, efficiently, and professionally. If you are interested in learning more about what we have to offer, please contact:

For Fresh Steelhead and Salmon: Patrick Burke, our Director of South Central/South East Regional Sales

For Fresh Asian Products: Tatsuya Gake and Kumiko Murakoshi from our Asian Products division.